Let’s Get Metaphysical
Finding Your Flow with Justin Faerman

Finding Your Flow with Justin Faerman

October 10, 2020

In Episode 63: Finding Your Flow, guest Justin Faerman discusses flow, expanding consciousness, the 'big picture', and focusing on the positive to make this shift into the Golden Age of peace and prosperity. 

How to Change Your Reality  - With Julia Malone

How to Change Your Reality - With Julia Malone

September 27, 2020

 In this Let’s Get Metaphysical podcast episode Julia Malone tells Renata Maniaci about how she changed her frequency to change her reality using the power of intention by working with angels, getting spiritual messages & clearing old programs. Plus, the two give a tangible scientific explanation of the different dimensions; 3D, 4D, 5D. Frequency is everything, Understanding the relationship between Frequency and Dimensions and so much more.

Podbean.com - superior podcast hosting.

Podbean.com - superior podcast hosting.

May 3, 2018

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